Fall 2023 concert program 

Concerto in B flat

Etude No. 15 (Raindrop)

Piece Symphonique
G.F Handel
arr. Grandjany 

Frédéric Chopin

Henriette Renié


Le Jardin Mouillé


The Moldau

Jacques de la Presle

Trad./Mykola Leontovych
arr. George Winston

 Bedřich Smetana
arr. Hans Trneček


August 30 CONCERT in Celinto

September 7, 17:00, CONCERT at the Salvi Showroom in Milan. Contact Adriano Sangineto for more info,

Friday, September 29, 20:30 CONCERT Online AND in-person in Lindau, Germany

Saturday + Sunday, Sep. 30 and Oct 1 - a weekend of WORKSHOPS in Lindau, Germany, organized by Lena Rummel. Limited space, a few spots still available - sign up here.

Friday, October 13, CONCERT in Selm, Germany at Stiftkirche St. Johannes Cappenberg. Address. 19:30, admission by donation.

Saturday, October 14, all day WORKSHOP in Werne, Germany - details and sign up info here.

Sunday, October 15, CONCERT in Lünen at Christuskirche - Ev. Kirchengemeinde Horstmar-Preußen. Address. 18:30, admission by donation.

Tuesday, October 17, CONCERT at Umweltzentrum Westfalen, Bergkamen-Heil, 19:00

October 24-26, CONCERT and masterclasses/teaching in Sofia, Bulgaria

October 28 and 29 WORKSHOPS and a CONCERT in Hannover for the Niedersachsen Harfenakademie - details and sign up info here.

Want to get involved?

Are you in Germany, the Netherlands, or somewhere nearby? Want me to come to your hometown? You can help setup a concert, workshop, or Harpist in the Wild adventure where you live!

The concert program I'm touring (see above) equires a concert grand (47 strings) pedal harp that would need to be borrowed or rented. It's also possible to organize a smaller concert during the week on lever harp.

For workshops, here's a list of topics I offer.

For  Harpist in the Wild , I'm ​primarily looking for help with logistics (driving, hiking) and local knowledge of great wild spots at which to film. A bonus if you have a 34 or so string lever harp I can borrow, though I will have my Harp E with me as well.

Email me if you're interested!

UK FANS: If there's enough interest I'm considering coming to the UK at the start of November for a week before I fly home. Let me know if you'd be up for organizing a concert or workshop!