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"I often think of composing as being somewhat akin to painting - splashing different musical colours around.  I'm particularly drawn to exploring harmonic structure."

Selected list of compositions:

Passage (2005)

For solo harp. My first full length composition. Recorded as part of my 2013 CD Passage: music for solo harp . I did a 2-part Harp Tuesday in-depth look at Passage in 2012.

Sheet music available, including a version for lever harp that I did in 2017.

Rhapsody (2007)

For solo harp. Recorded as part of my 2013 CD Passage: music for solo harp

I had a story in mind as I wrote Rhapsody - a picture in my imagination (never having been there!) of a day on the African veldt.  From the low rumblings of the dawn, through various events, into a final brilliant sunset and the coming of the night.

Poem for solo harp (2012)

For solo harp. Recorded as part of my 2013 CD Passage: music for solo harp. Sheet music available.

I featured Poem for solo harp in a Harp Tuesday episode .

Fantasy on Greensleeves (2012)

For solo harp. This composition grew out of a Harp Tuesday project .

Sheet music available, includes full version for pedal harp plus a shorter and easier version for pedal harp and a version for lever harp.

Cotton Butterfly (2012)

For harp and double-bass (original) or harp and cello. 

I originally wrote Cotton Butterfly for harp and double-bass, which is a great combination, but I'm also thrilled with how the piece sounds with harp and cello. 

Cotton Butterfly tells a story - starting with the dark, enclosed chrysalis as the larva slowly changes.  Eventually the music comes to a climax as the new butterfly emerges.  It sits for awhile, as blood pumps to its wings, until it finally takes flight, more and more confidently, before flying off into the distance...

Autumn Labyrinth (2013)

For solo harp. This pieces takes you on a journey through an autumn walk in the forest, with various sights and sounds and changing weather, until at the end we arrive back where we started - sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

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