Online Warmup Workshop!

Livestreamed on YouTube on March 25th, 2pm PST

I'm trying something new, an online workshop streamed through YouTube. Building off a PDF booklet (included) this hour and 15 minute workshop aims to give specific and practical advice on building a warmup routine that works for you. Scales, chords and chord patterns, speed, and finger independence are some of the things we'll be covering.

I'll be talking about ways to use the booklet and answering questions from chat. You'll need a YouTube or Google+ account in order to view the livestream.

Note that even if you can't watch live on March 25th, you might still want to sign up to get the booklet and for access to the video - you just won't be able to get any questions answered on steam!

Cost is $15 US - which gets you the booklet, access to the livestream event, and access to the archived video once the workshop is over.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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