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Harp and Organ, East Coast trip, Harp repair
Josh Layne, Harpist

Hi all,

It’s been awhile since I wrote and I have lots to share! A visit to the East coast of the US this July/August, a harp and organ concert in Victoria coming up this Saturday, and a tale of my harp and a broken link…

Lets start with a concert that I’ll be performing in Victoria on Saturday, May 28th. I’ll be performing with organist Jim Hill, plus four singers. We’re doing some harp and organ duets, the Brahms “Four Songs” with Jim playing the French horn part on the organ and a medley of music from the Fantasticks. (If you don’t know the Fantasticks, it’s the world’s longest running musical and is scored for harp and piano – super fun to play!)

I’ll also be performing the Walter-Küne Ogegin Fantasy

I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see some of you there!

The concert is part of St. Matthias’s Music in the House series. 7:30pm, Saturday May 28th. Tickets are $15/$10 available at the door or call 250 598-2833 to reserve tickets or for more info.

Somerset Harp Festival (July 21-24) is a huge folk harp festival that happens every year in Parsippany, New Jersey (near New York). I’m attending this year and looking forward to it – if you’re there and see me, please say hi! And while I’m in the neighborhood, I’m setting up a few concerts and workshops. Will keep you updated, but I can also use your help – if you’re on the East coast (or vaguely in the region) and would like to help set up a concert or workshop, let me know!

Broken Link :(

I was invited by my friends at the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra to join them for their tour of Southern BC at the start of May. A great group of young musicians, and some fun harp stuff on the program! I have a brother who has toured most of BC with various bands, but for me, despite having lived most of my life in BC, I’ve seen very little of it outside of Victoria and greater Vancouver. So it was fun to visit a bunch of towns in Southern BC. I was particularly struck by a sense of how vast Canada is – huge amounts of space and really very few people living there.

I had a great time, but on the day of the last concert, the link on my G action broke :( This connects the action from disk to disk, and with it breaking I could no longer get any G sharps (apart from the lowest G). One technician I talked to said this was only the third case of a broken link she’d come across – it happens, but it’s pretty rare. Unfortunately, to fix it involves removing the entire action. So right now my harp is on its way to Chicago (hopefully arriving today or tomorrow) to be repaired…

It’s been pretty stressful, but hopefully it all works out. Will keep you updated :)

And finally, lets catch up on some YouTube postings:

I’ve uploaded a couple videos from my concert in San Jose in February. Here’s Canadian composer Marjan Mozetich’s beautiful Songs of Nymphs

And Deborah Henson-Conant’s fantastic Baroque Flamenco

And a recent Harp Tuesday episode plus a couple Slow Motion Monday episodes:

That’s it for now!


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